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Used often as a meat and poultry substitute, this tofu is an excellent flavour absorber. Meaning that on it’s own, it doesn’t have a very strong taste but it is excellent at absorbing flavours that it’s paired with!

Due to this it can be made to taste like a wide variety of meats and goes excellently in soups.

Tofu is a good source of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids, making it an extremely healthy and versatile ingredient to use!

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Ingredients: Water, Organically Grown SOYA Beans, Natural Nigari

Soil Association Organic status


325g Packet

Perfect as a meat or poultry replacement

How to cook Tofu

  • Firm Tofu – Perfect for grilling and stir-frying
  • Soft Tofu – Perfect for casseroles and soups
  • Fried Tofu – Great with a salad, stir-frying .

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