Civil Tenders

Back in the beginning of this not so enjoyable period of uncertainty and continuous lockdowns, we noticed that a lot of vulnerable people were unable to venture outside and into supermarkets. This could’ve been down to physical or mental inability. Those who relied on carers were left to fend for themselves for a not insignificant period of time.

So to try and help some of these people, we supplied Southwalk Council with 250 boxes for vulnerable people. This way they didn’t have to venture outside and were taken care of. This sat very well with us and made us feel good about what we were doing. In the current state of the world, we like being able to be there to lend a hand to those left on their own.

We would like to continue this. We would like to keep helping and supply even more vulnerability boxes. This time around we would also like to help supply local schools with boxes like these.

We operate in and around London and are aware there are plenty of vulnerable people that would be helped immensely by this.

We are SALSA Accredited and we have been given a 5 Star Hygiene Rating by the local council. We take the utmost care in making sure everything is prepared to its highest standard as to not let anybody down.

We are able to listen to any particular needs and we’re happy to work to find solutions for them. We want to make sure nobody is left out. So let’s work together to find a solution for everybody.

As it stands, we currently have the infrastructure to supply schools, universities and councils with these boxes. We also welcome any other enquiries! The wider the range of people we can reach the better.

For more enquiries on how we can help, please use the form below:

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