Food Policy

Ted’s Veg Farm Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines

1. Local Sourcing and Agricultural Practices:

  • Lincolnshire Pride: Ted’s Veg Farm is deeply rooted in Lincolnshire, emphasizing local sourcing to support regional farmers and reduce the ecological footprint associated with long-distance transportation.
  • Chemical-Free Cultivation: Non-organic produce is accepted only if grown without herbicides and pesticides, prioritizing both environmental health and the well-being of our community.

2. Responsible Imports and Ethical Farming:

  • Global Responsibility: Imported produce adheres to our stringent guidelines, ensuring it aligns with responsible and ethical farming practices.
  • Sustainability Criteria: Suppliers must demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, fair trade, and ethical considerations, reflecting the values upheld on Ted’s Veg Farm.

3. Seasonal Menu Planning:

  • Harmony with Nature: Our menu is a reflection of Lincolnshire’s seasonal bounty, promoting freshness, flavor, and sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Local Harvest Celebration: By aligning our offerings with seasonal availability, we celebrate the richness of Lincolnshire’s agricultural cycles, contributing to reduced environmental impact.

4. Minimizing Farm Waste:

  • Efficient Resource Use: Ted’s Veg Farm employs meticulous resource management to minimize farm waste, ensuring every harvest is utilized optimally.
  • Community Collaboration: Surplus produce is directed toward collaborations with local initiatives, furthering our commitment to waste reduction within the Lincolnshire community.

5. Educational Initiatives and Community Awareness:

  • Learning Hub: Ted’s Veg Farm serves as an educational hub, engaging with the local community to raise awareness about the benefits of consuming locally and responsibly grown produce.
  • Lincolnshire Agricultural Heritage: Educational materials highlight the historical and environmental significance of Lincolnshire’s agricultural heritage.

6. Community Engagement and On-Farm Events:

  • Hands-On Workshops: We host regular workshops, inviting local farmers to share their expertise and fostering community engagement.
  • Field-to-Table Events: Special on-farm events showcase the journey of ingredients from the farm to the table, strengthening the connection between consumers and their local food sources.

7. Transparent Labeling and Traceability:

  • Local Pride Labels: Transparent labeling provides customers with detailed information about the origin and cultivation practices of our Lincolnshire produce.
  • Traceability Assurance: Our traceability measures allow customers to trace the journey of their food, reinforcing our commitment to openness and honesty.

8. Continuous Improvement Strategies:

  • Lincolnshire’s Agricultural Heritage: Regular reviews of our farming practices ensure alignment with both global sustainability standards and the proud agricultural heritage of Lincolnshire.
  • Adaptive Farming: The policy is adaptable, allowing Ted’s Veg Farm to evolve in response to emerging best practices and the expectations of our Lincolnshire community.

9. Staff Training and Local Empowerment:

  • Lincolnshire Ambassadors: Our farm team undergoes comprehensive training, becoming ambassadors of Lincolnshire’s sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Community Connection: Staff members actively engage with customers, sharing their knowledge and embodying our commitment to responsible farming practices that benefit the Lincolnshire community.

10. Feedback Mechanism and Local Dialogue:
Open Barn Doors: Ted’s Veg Farm welcomes feedback from the local community, viewing it as an invaluable tool for continuous improvement.
Lincolnshire’s Voice: Continuous dialogue with our patrons allows us to adapt and refine our farming practices based on the unique expectations and preferences of Lincolnshire residents.

Correct as of February 2019