Mission Statement

At Ted’s Veg, our mission is deeply rooted in the rich soil of Boston, Lincolnshire, where we passionately cultivate partnerships with local farmers and smaller holdings. Our commitment is unwavering—to provide you with the freshest and most flavorful fruits and vegetables, harvested at the peak of their seasonal perfection.

In collaboration with our fellow farmers, we celebrate the diversity of each season, offering a dynamic range of produce that reflects the changing tapestry of nature. From vibrant spring greens to the robust harvests of autumn, every item in our collection is a testament to the dedication and care invested by our community of growers.

But our commitment to quality extends beyond local borders. At Ted’s Veg, we believe in sourcing the best fruits from around the globe, ensuring a global tapestry of flavours on your plate. What’s more, we stand firm in our commitment to fair compensation for every farmer involved, fostering a sustainable and equitable agricultural ecosystem.

To bring our bountiful harvest closer to you, we invite you to explore our offerings at London farmers markets, where the spirit of community and freshness converge. Our Borough Market store is a haven for food enthusiasts, showcasing the best of what Ted’s Veg and our local partners have to offer.

For the convenience of our wider community, we’ve extended our reach online. With just a click, you can access our virtual marketplace at https://www.tedsveg.co.uk/product-category/fruit-and-veg-boxes. Here, you’ll find thoughtfully curated fruit and veg boxes that capture the essence of the season, available for nationwide delivery across the UK.

Curious about where you can find us in person? Explore our farmers market locations on our website: https://www.tedsveg.co.uk/where-to-find-us. Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling market or the ease of online shopping, Ted’s Veg is here to nourish your love for fresh, seasonal, and responsibly sourced produce. Join us on this flavourful journey, where every bite tells a story of community, sustainability, and the joy of savouring nature’s bounty.