Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 250ml


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Rapeseed oil?has a delicate, nutty flavour that keeps it versatile. Being cold pressed, it’s delicious when used in dressings and dips! It can also be used in baking, frying and regular cooking. A lot of people use this in place of olive oil!

Full of omega-3 and vitamins E and K, this will keep your heart and muscles strong and healthy.

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Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 250ml

Gluten Free

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

Origin ? UK

How can i use Rapeseed Oil?

  • Salad Dressing, Add a generous amount to a salad to increase its flavour
  • Dip, Perfect for a side dish with bread or focaccia
  • Frying, Perfect to cook Eggs or Meats

The favours do not bleed out whilst cooking, this making it a good natural fat.

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