Pear with Apple


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Refreshing and full of tangy sweet flavour, this apple and pear juice has a crisp edge to it that’ll keep you coming back for more!

An interesting addition to some puddings as a little taste boost, this can be enjoyed in many different ways in other beverages too.

Naturally high in vitamins and minerals, this makes a great choice for a rehydrating and re-energising drink!

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Pear with Apple

A sweet pear drink with a hint of apple

Product Content Percentages

  • Apple  10%
  • Pear  90%

The pH of the above  juice MUST be checked by using a pH indicator strip. All juices must be below pH 4. If the value when checked for the above product is higher than pH 3.6, then Citric Acid must be added at the rate of 1g / Litre until the pH value is below 3.6

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1L, 330ml


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