Apple Juice with Strawberry


The distinct taste of strawberries bring a whole new life to the sharper apple flavour in this juice to make a very fragrant and tasty drink. This is the perfect drink to pour on a hot day or to mix with sparkling water.

Strawberries alone are very rich in antioxidants and minerals like manganese, but when combined with nutrient rich apples make a true nutrition powerhouse!

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Apple Juice with Strawberry 330ml

Product Content Percentages

A Sweet, But not overpowering taste

  • Apple 90%
  • Strawberry 10%

The pH of the above  juice MUST be checked by using a pH indicator strip. All juices must be below pH 4. If the value when checked for the above product is higher than pH 3.6, then Citric Acid must be added at the rate of 1g / Litre until the pH value is below 3.6

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